Hey guys! Just wanted to help promote guitar and singing lessons that Tony offers. It cost 1 dollar per minute or 55 for an hour. I have done a few sessions with him and he has taught me some really cool stuff to better my guitar skills. I can now play palm reader pretty well! He also can play songs by request if you just want to watch him play. I was a little shy at first but have since become pretty outgoing with him. Tony really appreciates you guys and the extra income really allows him to put the money towards his future and music. His profile is https://www.facebook.com/tony.fredianelli.7

Payment is pretty easy. He accepts facebook pay as well as PayPal.

On another note he still has a few collectible items from his time with 3eb that he is looking to sell. If interested feel free to reach out to him at the link above. A few of the limited lamanents have sold but he has an array of other collectables available. All the money helps him out and allows him to pursue making music.