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Was there a video for "Anything?"

There were rumours about a video being filmed for the Japanese release of "Anything". However, nobody here knows anything more about it. There was also a concert performance of "Anything" included on a CD sent out with "Launch!" magazine but this was by no means an official release. If you have any information please contact us.

What videos have the band made?

The band have, to date, released videos for Semi-Charmed Life, How's It Going To Be, Losing A Whole Year, Jumper (from the S/T), Never Let You Go, 10 Days Late, Deep Inside Of You (from "Blue") and Blinded (from "Out Of The Vein"). The band also released a DVD that came pre-packaged with "Out Of The Vein" entitled "Hiding Out - A Video Scrapbook." For more information, check out the Videography.

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