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How often is the site updated?

Back in the day it used to be pretty much every day in some way shape or form. However, the activity of the band has become such that there isn't anything to update with on a daily basis so right now it's a case of adding as much stuff back to the site as I can.

All news is dated at the time of publishing. There are often small elements to the site that are tweaked every day that are so insignificant we don't report them, your best bet is to just scour through the site every once in a while and see what's new.

What are bandwidth issues?

Our site is allowed 100GB of bandwidth every month. What this means is the total amount of data downloaded by all the visitors to 3eb.co.uk must not amount to more than 100 gigabytes (roughly 100,000MB) or we get charged excess fees which tend to be ridiculously high. We don't want to do that so if we get near that limit a lot of files are taken down until the next month when the bandwidth count is reset.

100GB may seem high when you consider a single mp3 is about 0.004GB but if you have over 1000 downloads of a single file it begins to add up, especially when we offer such a variety of media downloads.

What packages were used to create the site?

We use many different packages and scripts to create 3eb.co.uk. Scripts tend to include credit on whichever page they're used but if you have a question please e-mail us abd we'll refer you to the script creators website.

We use Dreamweaver and notepad for the html of the site, vBulletin and vbadvanced form the main backbone of the site (front page, forums etc) while Photopost is used for the gallery. I use Adobe Photoshop for graphics and a combination of Cool Edit 2000 & SoundForge 6.0 for wav editing/creation. We also use the Easy CD-DA Extractor and IMToo Audio Encoder to create our MP3s.

When was The Village Church Yard opened?

February 7th 1999, although there had been a small extremely undedicated site before then.

Where did you get all the sound clips from?

Often they're from my own tapes/CDs that people have sent me. I just hook my stereo up to my computer and rip the audio to mp3. Other times I'll record files from the internet and try to clean them up a bit before putting them up for download.

Where do you get the information from for the site?

There are a few of us that are total news geeks and are constantly looking out for the slightest Third Eye Blind mention (myself, Brian, Simon...). We try music industry sites, music news sites and then we all have our own people we talk to that give us info. We also steal stuff from other sites.

Who hosts 3eb.co.uk - The Village Church Yard?

Both 3eb.co.uk and 3ebmedia.co.uk are hosted on separate plans by XiON Web Hosting. This means we have bandwidth alloted specifically to the media area of the site so, should bandwidth be exceeded, the rest of the site won't shut down.

All costs are paid for through extremely kind donations from site visitors and/or out of my own pocket. If you'd like to contribute please donate.

Who wrote this FAQ?

Simon wrote most of the original FAQ and some sections are taken directly from the old starcrossedpimps.net FAQ.

Simin says (hehe): "It should be stressed that the information provided within came from fans, notably at the 3eb.co.uk forums. Special mentions go to Adam (the man), Dani, Jen, Nick..." I didn't write "the man" by the way...

This FAQ is by the fans for the fans. If you can contribute, or think you should be acknowledged please PM me.

Why call it "The Village Church Yard?" What's the relevance?

Well, in the song 'I Want You', Stephan sings:

"The village church yard is filled with bones weeping in the graves"

I thought that for such an upbeat song this lyric was different, it always intrigued me, it's also probably my favourite lyric on the entire debut album. Besides, everyone else already had the other names I wanted.

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