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When is there going to be a new single?

Right now that's a question that's almost impossible to answer as there may never be another single.

A slightly less depressing answer would be that a new single will probably be released before the next album. If the planned Greatest Hits package does indeed see a release then there is every chance the band will include a couple of new songs, one possibly being released to radio to promote the CD. None of this is fact and is pure presumption.

What b-sides do the band have?

Officially, there aren't that many b-sides.

"Tattoo of the Sun" is on the "Semi-Charmed Life" single. "New Girl" was on the "American Pie" soundtrack. "Horror Show" was B-side to "How's It Going To Be" and (in Europe) "Graduate". It was also on the Japanese release of "Losing A Whole Year."

The song "Eye Conqueror" appeared on the soundtrack to the motion picture "A Knight's Tale."

Also of interest are several remixes, including an extended version of "Anything" from the "Never Let You Go" import single and a remix of "Graduate" from the "Can't Hardly Wait" Soundtrack.

"My Time In Exile" was included as a bonus track on the Japanese release of "Out Of The Vein" as well as being included on the DVD packaged with the US release.

There are a number of tracks which have found their way onto the internet and, as such, are known as b-sides. Most of these songs can be downloaded here.

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