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"Horror Show" and "Heroin" sound very similar!

Indeed. On their 1994 demo, 3eb covered Lou Reed's "Heroin," changing the music quite a bit but using his lyrics.

They they took their new music and, sometime in 1996/7, wrote new lyrics which became "Horror Show." Once again, 3EB ripped off a great and somehow got away with it ;)

Did 3eb and Green Day have a fight?

This is an old one but it still gets asked. The following was stolen from a page somewhere, if it's yours and you're pissed at me re-rpinting it, get in touch and I'll remove it:

Green Day management and Irvine, Calif., police are actively investigating a backstage fight between Green Day's Mike Dirnt and Third Eye Blind's Arion Salazar that left Dirnt with a fractured skull.

Dirnt, the 26-year-old bassist from the multi-platinum-selling punk-pop trio, suffered the head injury and was hospitalized after being struck over the head with a beer bottle during L.A. radio station KROQ's annual Weenie Roast at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre on Saturday, according to Green Day publicist Amanda Cagan.

While Third Eye Blind's management acknowledges that Salazar was involved in a scuffle with Dirnt, they deny fan reports that he caused the injury.

Explaining that the matter is currently being investigated, Cagan said the primary concern at this time is finding the culprit who struck Dirnt, a.k.a. Mike Pritchard. "All we want to know is who hit Mike," she said, adding that Green Day recently postponed the opening of their Canadian tour due to what she said were scheduling conflicts. "There has been no legal action taken at this point. It's still under investigation."

Meanwhile, Irvine Police investigator Lori Teves confirmed that the police have begun looking into the incident after receiving a complaint from the hospital where Dirnt was taken following his injury. "We haven't identified anyone by name, but the case is still under investigation," Teves said.

The fight between Salazar and Dirnt began after Green Day's set as part of the Weenie Roast, said Russell Bloom of Eric Godtland Management, the company that represents hit-making pop-rockers Third Eye Blind. When Salazar ran onstage and bear-hugged Dirnt, the Green Day bassist was apparently surprised by Salazar. Dirnt allegedly kicked and hit Salazar, leading to an altercation during the show and backstage afterward.

Although he acknowledged in a press release Monday that there had been a fight between Dirnt and Salazar, Godtland spokesman Bloom maintained in the same release that an overzealous fan, rather than Salazar, rushed up and struck Dirnt over the head.

When contacted on Thursday, Bloom said that there were no developments in the case and would not comment further.

Curtis L. Garrett, general manager of Staff Pro, the contracted security company for events at Irvine Meadows, worked Saturday's event. He said he was walking Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong and drummer Tre Cool backstage when he saw a crowd of people running toward the VIP tent adjacent to Green Day's trailer.

"All three bandmembers were yelling at someone else, and I was pushing [Green Day] away," Garrett said. "I called for the rest of staff to come backstage to help me out. Dirnt was standing on top of a table ... with blood running down the back of his neck, yelling, 'Some fucker hit me with a bottle.' "

The injury appeared to be to the back right of Dirnt's head, Garrett said, adding that he escorted the injured bassist to an emergency medical services tent to receive first aid.

Dirnt has been resting at home this week in Berkeley, Calif., with the rest of the band, according to Cagan. In the meantime, the start of the Canadian leg of Green Day's current tour was postponed from Wednesday to this Saturday, due to prior scheduling conflicts, she added.

Cagan denied that Dirnt's injury had anything to do with the cancellations, adding that the tour will still begin in St. John's, Newfoundland, at Bow Ring Park.

In the statement released Monday by Godtland, Salazar said, "I am sorry that my attempt at doing something I thought would be funny escalated into Mike getting hurt. That was never my intention. I simply had too much to drink and made a very bad decision.

"If I had been in Mike's place, I'm sure I would have acted similarly," Salazar added. "My heart goes out to him, and I hope he recovers quickly. We have many friends in common, and I just hope that he can accept my sincerest apology. I am sorry, Mike."

Did Brad play for Counting Crows?

This is a big misconception. While Brad did play a few lives shows with the CC he was never really in the band and never recorded with them. Third Eye Blind went through a series of drummers before settling down with Brad, including former Counting Crow's drummer, Steve Bowman.

The misconception could have easily stemmed from old articles referring to the drummer of Third Eye Blind as a previous member of Counting Crows. People using them as research for writing their own articles misinterpreted the information as the drummer being Brad and not Steve, due to the fact that Brad was now the drummer. From there the incorrect information spread.

The above response was taken from the late, great starcrossedpimps.net.

Is Stephan left handed?

Stephan is left handed, but plays a conventional right-handed guitar.

Isn't 3EBís "Walk With The Devil" the same song as Kevin Cadoganís "Kinsale Harbor?"

Yes, they are essentially the same, at least musically. When "Walk With The Devil" didn't make it onto "Blue," Kevin took his music, slowed it down and wrote his own lyrics to make "Kinsale Harbor." It later became "Waiting For Me" on Kevin's band's (Cousin Kevin) debut CD "Bully For You." It was probably re-recorded in some other form later on but that's more of a Kevin Cadogan thing, not Third Eye Blind.

What about 3EB and "Live?"

Stephan had the following to say in the March 99 issue of Rolling Stone:

"We were playing a festival, and their crew was harassing people. I called 'em on it, and the band did the Hollywood hide-behind-the-bouncer thing. The band is a bunch of pussies. Once you've got guys clearing the hallway for you, you're a karaoke band."

What acting has Stephan done?

Stephan had a small role in the 2001 film "Rock Star" as Bradley, a cover band singer.

His first lead role was in the indie flick, "The Art of Revenge", which is available on video/dvd. A word of advice, rent it, don't buy it.

Stephan also appeared in two episodes of Chris Isaak's Showtime series, "The Chris Isaak Show."

What happened with 3EB and Pearl Jam?

After 3eb started playing "Baba O Riley" (on the MTV campus tour, amongst others), Eddie Vedder said something suggesting that "corporate bands" (implicating 3eb) had no right to cover The Who songs. This was during a Pearl Jam concert at Madison Square Garden.

Stephan retaliated (in the March 99 Rolling Stone): "It's funny, because I like Pearl Jam's songs. But this is Eddie, as usual, starting something he can't finish - like Ticketmaster. So to have him policing who can play Who covers makes him a power-hungry cop. He wants to wear mirrored sunglasses and write tickets."

The two have not reconciled since.

What is the story behind the song "Persephone?"

"Persephone" was a song name that popped up around the time 3eb were in the Tiny Telephone studio around June 2001.

Apparently, Stephan wrote this song for ex-girlfriend Charlize Theron in a last-ditch attempt to win her back. He subsequently stated that because he "gave" her the song, it can never be on the album. It was described as a beautiful ballad with strings. As we know, time heals all and there is the chance that sometime we may hear "Persephone" on an album or EP.

FYI, "Persephone" is a name derived from Greek legend. She became the Goddess of Springtime, but spent 6 months of the year as Queen of Hades (hence the difference between winter and summer). If you are a curious/scholarly type, more information can be found here.

What/Who is "The Boo?"

The Boo is Stephan's pet American Staffordshire Terrier. Her full name is Kobuda ("little pig" in Japanese), although she seems to have garned the nickname "Gentle Sweetness." She appeared in the "Semi-Charmed Life" and "How's It Going To Be" videos.

Who are Puck and Natty?

Stephan was "Puck" in the hip-hop/rap duo Puck & Zen. They released a song on Beverly Hills 90210: The Soundtrack called "Just Wanna Be Your Friend" in 1992. It's still available at places like Tower and amazon.com. "Natty" changed to "Zen" after objections from New-Age duo Tuck and Patti.

Zen/Natty wrote the famous "Semi-Charmed Life" guitar riff, Stephan bought him out at a later date.

Who is Chris Fredianelli?

Chris Fredianelli, as his name suggests, is Tony's brother. He played backup music for the band on tour.

Who is Eric Godtland?

Eric Godtland (or more specifically, his company EGM) manages 3eb. Stephan has been friends with Eric since before 3eb were signed.

From an article on apple.com:

"It all started in Stephan Jenkinsí bedroom. ďI was sitting on my bed and I decided to play this riff for my best friend, Eric Godtland, from a song I was working on.Ē Godtland immediately recognized pop potential and signed on as the bandís manager."

Who is Eric Valentine?

Eric Valentine co-produced 3eb's first album (he also played minor instrumentation on some tracks, including "I Want You")

He has also worked with Smashmouth, Joe Satriani, Queens Of The Stone Age, Lost Prophets and Good Charlotte.

Who is Jason Slater?

Jason Slater played bass for 3eb before they were signed and co-wrote "Deep Inside Of You." He achieved limited success in the late nineties/early 00s with his band "Snake River Conspiracy." "Snake River Conspiracy" recorded a song entitled "Somebody Hates You" which was rumoured to have been written about Stephan.

Who is Michael Urbano?

Michael Urbano is one of 3eb's previous drummers. He is credited on several tracks on the self-titled as his drum tracks were deemed satisfactory and not worth overdubbing by Brad.

He is now drummer for Smashmouth.

Who is Stephan dating?

As of late 2002, Stephan is dating singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton.

They met on 3eb's summer 02 tour with Carlton and The Goo Goo Dolls.

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