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Grr! Where's "Tattoo of the Sun" on my Self Titled CD?

"Tattoo of the Sun" was only on the Japanese release, as a bonus track.

The band left it off the CD because it didn't fit with the rest of the record.

Why does my self-titled album have a tan coloured cover?

The first 500,000 copies sold of the self titled have a tan (browny/greeny kinda colour) cover. The rest are red with variations of the inside cover (from 500,001 to 2,999,999 the inside cover was plain red, from 3,000,000 onwards the inside cover was an image of each band member's head in a different colour, as seen on the cover of the "Jumper" single). The exceptions to this are in Europe, where all copies are tan and Japan, where all copies are a blue tinted photo negative style.

If I wasn't lazy I would illustrate this in the discography section so, instead, I suggest you go to thirdeyeblind.net's discography section.

What does the "falling man" symbol in the album artwork mean?

The band got the symbol from a set of Salvador Dali tarot cards. The falling man or bird-like figure was in the background of the Death card. The band blew it to a larger size and made it one of their symbols.

How many versions of "Blue" are there?

There are at least 2 or 3 versions of "Blue". The main variation involves "Slow Motion" - all versions released in the US had the censored versions. The difference is that the first release had the chorus lyrics ("Slow Motion see me let go..") intact, while all subsequent versions are strictly instrumental. You should also note that the track numbers are different. The first pressing ends:

11. Slow Motion 12. Darkness 13. Darwin

Later pressings end:

11.Darkness 12.Darwin 13.Slow Motion

The European version has the full, unedited version of Slow Motion (although the lyrics are not printed in the CD booklet).

The Japanese version has "New Girl" as a bonus track (complete with hideously incorrect lyrics in the CD booklet).

What are the "Secret Words Never To Be Printed" in "Camouflage?"

In all likelihood, Stephan recorded these lines in the song "Camouflage" on "Blue" then forgot what he had sang.

It is indeed likely that we will never discover what they are. But feel free to make up your own mind about it :)

Chris over at the forums came up with a theory on it all, find that here.

"Blue" isn't as good as "Third Eye Blind!"

That's not a question! However, let's discuss the issue. Although many fans love, or even prefer "Blue", many others dislike it.

Essentially, the band had problems during its production, allegedly (!) with one of its (former) members.

In the words of Stephan (interview stolen from starcrossedpimps.net, RIP):

"we did the last album in six months, we just whipped it out, and there's some things on that album, on the second album, that I'm so proud of. I think that Wounded is, so far, at least on those two albums, is the best song we've ever done. I think it's like the most quintessential song on either of the albums. I love Anything, I think Deep Inside of You is a well-written song but the second album suffered from a kind of coldness almost. That's done in part because we were never in the studio at the same time, never rehearsed the songs together, never played them together. I did my best to, to produce that record and it was very hard to do. Then we succumbed to the time pressures from Elektra to get the album out in six months which we did. The great records are about this feeling, the nuance, that we just couldn't get in there it's like Never Let You Go was a big hit, sold a lot of records, it sold that album, that album sold, I think two million albums. But the song is like, when we play it live, it's good, it's like sexy stonesy sad song. But in the studio, it was just put together, it's just not all that it could be."

Of course, the biggest problem "Blue" had was that it was poorly promoted from start to finish. Much like "Out Of The Vein."

Where does the name “Out of the Vein” come from?

The title to 3eb's third album comes from a line from the song "Good Man."

Blood never forgets, but who protects the memories when we bleed each other out of the vein?

Are they releasing a DVD?

The band released a DVD that came pre-packaged with "Out Of The Vein" entitled "Hiding Out - A Video Scrapbook."

There has been a vast amount of video footage of the band recorded over the years but, as yet, there hasn't been a single, separate DVD released. We live in hope.

Have the albums been RIAA certified?

According to RIAA.com, here are the stats for "Third Eye Blind":

08/11/97 - Gold 12/12/97 - Platinum 04/10/98 - 2x Multi Platinum 10/14/98 - 3x Multi Platinum 02/03/99 - 4x Multi Platinum 08/31/01 - 6x Multi Platinum

According to RIAA.com, here are the stats for "Blue":

01/14/00 - Gold 05/05/00 - Platinum

"Out Of The Vein" has sold over 250,000 copies, I believe.

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