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***** A Message From " Tony Fredianelli " 6-11-2011 *****

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A Message From " Tony Fredianelli "

People-after the self combusted explosion of yet another attempt to put together a monetizeable web based and forward moving new record with Arion- which as far as Arion and I go is on-despite the reasonable doubt over here that maybe it wont happen-I can assure everyone it's legit, the key problem is the continuing legal nitemare. People need to remember the "divorce" process when you are dealing with a person like SJ, is worse than a Glenn Close fatal attraction nitemare. Everything in this guy SJ's world is about his ego-and knowing that unlike himself, for me and Arion, writing music is something that comes natural, coupled with the fact Arion could still sue him, as well as the fact we could make a record quickly, and also could release, has made the moving forward with music even more of a nitemare to navigate-BUT THERE IS MORE.

Due also to the fact currently only about half of the story has been allowed to be made public- 1. I have 2 massive legal malpractice cases worth of information that remains unknown to the public, and 2. That relates to this sf company ie-clikthrough inc, which I believe has stolen a patent/ invention I had been developing, outside of 3eb. I have had a lawyer in Nevada admit this to me- that this company Clikthrough inc is directly related to Stephan Jenkins, in spite of his over the top attempts to hide through lawyer fraud, is directly related to the multi milliondollar lawsuit 3eb vs Eric godtland- From what I was told, Stephan Jenkins used our bands money to fund this company-through the back door (misappropriated expenses) via the 3eb vs Eric Godtland lawsuit. Because of all of the fraud thats been perpetrated to protect this company-124 partnerships and counting currently- related to Clikthrough inc, relating to this company. Proported founder" "Abe Mcallum" who has the nerve on their website to even have made the claim of how the Clikthrough inc company idea came to be - ripped their "big idea" directly from an email exchange between my wife and I. The truth is I was developing this, and due to the fact lawyers hired to represent our band in the "lawsuit" to terminate Eric Godtland, the "presitigious" 100 plus year old lawfirm, Mitchell silberberg and Knupp, as well as multinational lawfirm Lewis, Brisbois, Biggard and Smith- which they would call coincidence, represented both Clikthrough inc-in its 2008/2009 dual trademark registrations, while also being paid to defend a defamation lawsuit, to represent Stephan Jenkins interests only- fraudulently helping him to collect millions in legal fee repayment, allowing him to defraud both Brad and myself- is deserving in my opinion of federal jail time. It's If it looks like a duck walks like a duck-it also goes quack!

It's become pretty obvious to me, after yet another false start recently, that until the mass of legal problems, and cases are settled-I have to go low tech-and bring everything back to the street, or watch my family starve. Believe it or not, lawyers, regardless of what side they are on, represent strictly the interests of the interest that has the most money, over any and all of the clients. It's With this hard learned experience under my belt after the last year and a half, I can either wait-to release a ton of music, when all suits are settled, or I can take a good degree of the control of my ability out of the hands of the computer, and stop expecting the ethics of companies to respect law and pay me royalties to kick in, as well as out of the hands of various 3rd party investors interests, who seem to show up with a little bit of cash temporarily to gather information and keep a lawsuit from being filed against Clikthrough inc, which for statues of limitation concerns must happen quickly. Because of all of this-I must take everything to the streets. I need your help!!


I am on the east coast- with a drummer friend-special guest, Diablow Joe, who I was told was at ground level at the 3eb gig last night in Fairfax, Virginia-spreading out some truth and we are on a mission-to play music-back to the simple roots of what music should be about, anyway. I call it a "real-time grassroots acoustic street tour-to try and raise money, and to expose people to the truth, from coffee house, to club, just me on a acoustic guitar, and booklets that allow the truth to come out with various supporting docs to show the fraud, I have been the victim of. I need your help. THE NUMBER TO CALL IS 1-702-328-4821. Currently I am in Washington DC-but the plan is in flow, I am on foot-and could use any and all help, weather it be by car-place to hang-grassroots support/ grassroots organization to get the truth out, places to play shows, from houses, to anywhere, just me on an acoustic-jam sessions, cause I still believe in the fans, I met some great people and I believe you will help- I need a couple of core devoted fans who will serve to make calls find places to play- offer transportation, places to sleep, your creative ideas-to help expose my story, that even with the release of this limited post has only exposed 1/2 of how ridiculous and how much fraud has been created to try and make me give up my ownership rights in all my intellectual property, inventions and otherwise. I need your help

Again the number is 1-702-328-4821. Lets make some music and please help me to turn this around. TAKE THIS MESSAGE AND BLAST IT OUT TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW. The truth is going to be free, we are going to free it. Love-


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