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Anthony Fredianelli

Come one come all

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Old Friends-Family-and warriors of the Muze-ic, I want to check in and enlist those of you who would like to help me get some of my old Majik Alex demo's out-that provides a place that friends can go, to check out the wealth of my unreleased music, old videos, writings, content, and new blogs as I continue battling the good fight in federal court . If you feel as though you could help in any way- Lets do what we do best-I strongly believe one of the reasons 3eb has been able to rebrand to new audiences where other bands haven't is because of this site-and it's genuine passion for the music, and as a byproduct of the e'creativity of people like Adam, Matt, Sam, Michelle, Hooby, Paula and others who have kept this site going strong for 15 plus years!!. I have alot to say and alot of old demo's to release-so drop me a line if you have any computer skills-website building skills, or have the time to dedicate to the cause. Good to be back in the mix.

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  1. 3ebrich's Avatar
    this is awesome man. sent you a PM
  2. should_be_working's Avatar
    Great to hear from you T, hope you are doing well!