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mapping constellations...

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The clouds are absolutely mesmerizing in my little corner of the world tonight.

I walked outside with my pup a little after ten p.m. and noticed all the streetlights were out. I looked up and everything looked a bit more magical in the darkness. The clouds were lit from below by the distant light pollution, and there was a slightly warm wind pushing them around right above the treeline - it was like they were on their own silent superhighway.

Most people lay out on a sunny hillside and look for shapes in the clouds while they daydream; I stand transfixed on an asphalt roadway on a cold winter's night in January, finding dragons and winged angels and lord knows what else, while wishing for a map of the constellations so I could name the shapes I was finding.

I turned and faced the wind, and the clouds looked like they were racing toward me in one of those time lapse movies people make of pretty landscapes ... only in real time, and I wished it weren't so cold so I could stay out all night and be a part of it.

side note ... the little wanker over to the side of the blog entry screen is quite distracting, however I quite adore this one ...


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