• Xeb live from Jammin Java

    Really great video of XEB performing the S/T and a few others live from Jammin Java

    Still absolutely loving the version of HIGTB too.

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    1. Spiff2112's Avatar
      Spiff2112 -
      Fuckin' love it.
    1. Mitch's Avatar
      Mitch -
      i love them music and, don't get me wrong i love the guy, but tony's singing really takes me out of it. we complain sometimes about stephan's voice but tony...yeeeesh.
    1. The Hideous Strength's Avatar
      The Hideous Strength -
      one thing to point out - Tony was sick the week of this show and a few others in the NYC area. As a result he clearly was not at his best in terms of vocals. Not saying he is the front man that SJ is but he did a truly admirable job making this XEB tour special as a third former and vital member of the group. And as far as this video goes, so glad to have a full show shot professionally to look back on despite Tone not being 100 percent. This tour was a near miracle when you stop and think about what it actually took to get these guys together, then out on the road on top of that.
    1. ermyeahno's Avatar
      ermyeahno -
      Digging it. Hope for a UK show.