• UK & Europe Tour End.

    It was another great UK tour, this time hitting Scotland and Ireland too. I managed to hit all the English shows but i know a few of you did the whole lot so fair play!

    I recorded Horror Show which came out aces! Really good boot with some great Kryz guitar on it. If id of know the sound quality would of been that good id of recorded a few more.

    Deep Inside of You is from manchester and a good boot too, SJ solo then full band kick in mid way which I thought was a really great version (even if SJ did forget the words )

    Overall I thought the set was little short (and they didn't play S/T in full ) but it was a good ride, and we got Thanks a Lot, Deep inside of You, Company of Strangers and HORROR SHOW which haven't been played here before

    Set for all shows was as below except Say It being added in for London.

    Weightless (Intro)
    Company of Strangers
    Horror Show
    Back to Zero
    Semi-Charmed Life
    Crystal Baller
    Thanks a Lot
    I Want You
    Rites of Passage
    Motorcycle Drive By
    Slow Motion
    Deep Inside of You (SJ Acoustic then full band)
    Never Let You Go
    Say It

    How's It Going to Be

    Horror Show Live from London Roundhouse 27th September 2017

    Deep inside of You Live from Manchester Academy 2, 29th September 2017

    Id say I enjoyed London more than Manchester, which we got to so ridiculously early that the band hadn't even showed up we did get to hear them sound check All the Souls and a couple others though so it wasn't all bad (especially the terrible lighting & smoke machine!), but overall it felt like the show had more energy and the crowd were into it more, plus we got Say It extra that they never played in Manchester.

    Met some cool people from another 3eb group at both London and Manchester and hung out with them, its really cool to go to gigs and find other people who are both decent and fun to hang with, cant wait to hang out and share pizza with you guys again soon.

    London! (photo by Eline Duijsens)

    London gang! (photo by Laura Bruce)

    Manchester! (photo by Alvarez Kings)
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    1. LikeaBurningMan's Avatar
      LikeaBurningMan -
      lol god, how tall are you Mac?
      You look like a regular giant in that group photo!
    1. should_be_working's Avatar
      should_be_working -
      Curious, is sj wearing a skirt with pants?
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -
      Quote Originally Posted by should_be_working View Post
      Curious, is sj wearing a skirt with pants?
      I believe he was
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -
      Quote Originally Posted by LikeaBurningMan View Post
      lol god, how tall are you Mac?
      You look like a regular giant in that group photo!
      Only about 6'2" I think everyone else was just small
    1. Nikorasu's Avatar
      Nikorasu -
      Thanks for sharing. I was at The Roundhouse gig. Amazing night. I thought the band was buzzing.
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