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    3ebs tour of the great Brexit is almost here. Loads of tickets still left, grab them early. Ill be heading out to London and Manchester (and possibly Paris) Would of liked to have anthor one at the Fighting Cocks but I suppose you cant have everything.

    See you out there!

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    1. themilkman23's Avatar
      themilkman23 -
      What did everyone think of the Roundhouse gig?

      Thought the crowd were a little bit flat to start with but got into it as it went on.

      I was just damn happy to hear Horror Show, especially so early as well so I didnít even have a chance to call for it.
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -
      Im just home. I loved it, really enjoyed the setlist too. Horror Show (which i recorded a great boot of too) was aces. Loved Thanks a Lot and the different version of Deep Inside of you, really great night, hung out afterwards too, SJ had birthday champagne on the go and was really friendly. Manchester wasn't as good and the lighting/smoke was terrible but still a good show (plus horror show again!)
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