• We Are Drugs EP

    The lads anticipated new E.P. "We Are Drugs" is officially out now!

    Its £2.99 on iTunes UK for 7 songs, which is an amazing price and works out at 0.42714286p a song! FOURTY TWO PENCE A SONG! You cant even buy a packet of prawn cocktail crisps for that these days, they're almost giving it away.

    Show some support & don't pinch it from a torrent site, so get it now before they realise they've priced it wrong and put it up two quid

    Track listing

    1. “Company Of Strangers”
    2. “Queen Of Daydreams”
    3. “Don’t Give In”
    4. “Isn’t It Pretty”
    5. “Sherri”
    6. “Weightless”
    7. “Cop Vs. Phone Girl”

    As always, whatever your thoughts, come discuss it in the forum with us.

    Off for my first listen now...


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