• Live @ Bonnaroo 2016

    For your listening pleasure I've encoded the show from Bonnaroo this past weekend. Download links are below:

    I also uploaded the full concert to Youtube:

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      Mac -
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      should_be_working -
      a review:
      Despite what may have been the worst SuperJam appearance in the last five years, I was really looking forward to Third Eye Blind‘s Sunday evening set. And so were many others as The Other Tent was more packed than I’d witnessed all weekend. Unfortunately, the band performed with such unearned ego that it was just another letdown. Stephan Jenkins, in some sort of half-dress apron, started the set essentially hidden at the back of the stage shrouded in fog and strobes, leaving the audience unsure if he’d even appeared. Hits were spread too thin and covers of Beyoncé and Prince felt flat. It would’ve been just as well had Jenkins walked off the stage when he dropped the mic during the second song, a move he was so proud of that he had to tell keyboardist Alex Kopp how cool he thought he was. Which just goes to show how uncool it really came off. –Ben Kaye

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      blair kennedy -
      hahaha I actually really liked the mine/losing a whole year mash up.
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      blair kennedy -
      and I thought faster/danger sounded sick too. I did laugh when he said the shit about being a guitar band while some electronic shit played in the background though hahaha
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      Brad -
      Holy shit. This really really bad. Like...what the actual fuck?
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      should_be_working -
      Yeah, I thought the instrumentals were great. Band sounded good. I thought Stephan's vocals were terrible. Maybe it was the black trash bag skirt he's wearing, I don't know, but he didn't work for me.

      I like that they're doing some different things with songs, trying some different layouts, but honestly hearing the Faster/Danger mashup just made me want to hear each song by themselves. I get that time is limited, but they seem to be doing a lot of this at regular concerts too.

      Crowd was great, great atmosphere. And while I'm not particularly fond of hearing Jumper for the 8 billionth time, the energy was so good from the crowd that it was enjoyable.
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      lottin_uk -
      Thanks, was hoping to see this somewhere