• MTV News (Canada)'s Full Interview With Stephan & Brad

    As promised, Brian from MTV News (Canada) has been back in touch with his full interview with Stephan & Brad. Here's a bit of a preface for the interview courtesy of Brian:

    As a long time fan of the band (dating back to my early teens when I saw them open for U2 in Toronto) I wanted to debunk the critical mainstream myth that 3eb is just a throw away band from the 90’s. I’ve felt they’ve never gotten the respect they deserve, especially in terms of Stephan’s song writing, and have always thought that it has been a shame that their body of music hasn’t been shared on the larger scale that it deserves. It was a really cool thing to be able to be able to speak with Stephan and Brad candidly about their career and being slagged by a mainstream audience that has no idea what they’re really all about. Hopefully it comes across as interesting to a lot of folks who have been misinformed.

    - @briangasparek

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      sguitaradam -
      lol at Tony being in the picture.
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      Quote Originally Posted by sguitaradam View Post
      lol at Tony being in the picture.
      especially since tony was never really in third eye blind anyway
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      man, soon ill be meeting this guy... every single day he is sorry he doesnt have the stephen, brad, kevin, arion lineup. fuck! no disrespect to abe and kris but even they know...