• We're back!

    Firstly, my apologies for the site being down for so long.

    As some of you were aware the site hosting was due for renewal at the start of this month. I was stuck with a pretty big decision:

    1. Stick with our (then) current host, with whom we've had average to good service albeit with a number of database errors/site problems in the last two or three months. With this option we were denied the chance to add many features to the site due to them being forbidden by the hosting company. Basically, by choosing this we were accepting that the site was never going to have the chance to get any better but it was fine as it was.
    2. Move to a new host that specialises in sites built around the software that we use for this site. After speaking to their sales team I was assured that there was no "set in stone" limit to the features we could add and previously removed features weren't a problem. We were also welcome to upgrade to the new version of the site software which members kindly donated to at the end of last year. We would, however, lose the existing style that Matt created and creating a new one would take time & patience, which we're unsure of having.

    I'm going to go off on a bit of a tangent here, so please forgive me for this mostly stream of conciousness rant, but I think it helps to explain why we are like we are, at least in my opinion. I think it also explains to some of the long standing members the reasons for some of the new changes/additions to the site.

    During the time immediately before the hosting was up for renewal, and with the widely publicised problems the band was having it did also cross my mind to shut the site down entirely. We've been around for a long time and in that time we've had members come, go and stick around from the start. We, as a community, have always had a bit of a reputation and mostly we were OK with that. It was mostly deserved. We'd had a good run but maybe it was time to call it a day.

    Over the last 6-12 months or so the number of members disillusioned with the band/Stephan seemed to increase massively. Members from here floated between this site and 3eb.com, posting their feelings on both sites. Fans that hadn't been a serious part of any Third Eye Blind "community" over the last few years were exposed to seemingly negative feedback of a band that had just released a much delayed new album. This negativity and the association with "TVCY" meant that we basically became "the negative fans."

    What many people that held this viewpoint didn't understand was the long standing relationship many fans had with the band. Not personal relationships with band members, though there were those but the fact that Third Eye Blind has been a part of many fans' day to day lives for over 10 years. Many had experienced the explosion of the popularity of the band, had been to sold out concerts on numerous occasions and had even met the band enough times to be familiar to them by sight. New material became like new family members, it was loved and many watched/heard songs evolve (good and bad). Much like a favourite sports team, the band became "our" band, not "a" band. Much like your favourite team, there is criticism of the band (mostly Stephan) but that doesn't ever change the fact that they're your team, your band.

    I'm extremely proud of this site, what it's been over the years, and the members we have. The community here is like nothing I've ever experienced online. Many people have met friends here that they will have for life. I want to keep the site open so that new fans can have that feeling too. 3eb.com's Assembly provides that opportunity but as the site is maintained by a "business" it has the chance to fall by the wayside, as has happened with previous incarnations, the old slip.net site, the Elektra site, The Down & In etc. We've been there through all of those and I want us to be there while ever there is still a Third Eye Blind to speak of. I want us to be there when/if there is no Third Eye Blind to speak of.

    Whilst many will disagree with the personnel changes the band has made, many won't care. I've decided that in order for this site to remain and offer new/current fans of the band the chance of community we've all experienced we have to take a step back from our own opinions as a site and report on events with little to no bias. It will be hard and many times I'm sure we'll fail but that's the intention. By not doing this the site will die over time.

    I know a lot of TVCY's "hardcore" won't agree with that, that's OK. I guess it's me being all hippy and expecting everyone to get along but like it's unfair that we're seen as "the negative fans" it's also unfair for us assume/presume everything we think is the way everyone else should think. Some won't and we have to be tolerant of that.

    So, with the new forum software and the possibilities that we can, again, add things to the site and grow I hope this will be something of a new beginning. Go and explore some of the new features, report bugs, give constructive feedback and hopefully we'll be around for another 10 years.
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    1. Ian's Avatar
      Ian -
      oh dear god this is one of the happiest moments of my life. <3 TVCY

      ps: the forum looks totally sexy
    1. Sentinel54's Avatar
      Sentinel54 -
      It's good to be back. *tears of joy*
    1. Storm's Avatar
      Storm -
      "..but the fact that Third Eye Blind has been a part of many fans' day to day lives for over 10 years. Many had experienced the explosion of the popularity of the band, had been to sold out concerts on numerous occasions and had even met the band enough times to be familiar to them by sight."

      This. That is/was me. The S/T album changed my life in 1997, and the music from Blue later on really was a part of my day to day life. It's why I'm here; it's why many of *you* are here. Thank you.
    1. LostAWholeYear's Avatar
      LostAWholeYear -
      Eloquently put, and welcome back!

      I may be one of the more quiet and irregular visitors here, but I've come to unashamedly respect the community and remarkable longevity of this site. It's often hard not to feel negative, given the often-frustrating complications that have affected our band, its members, and its output over the years...but in spite all of our quibbles, we all have a thread in common that transcends all else. Third Eye Blind touched all our lives at some point in some way, and we wouldn't be here otherwise.

      Regarding the changes to the site itself, I'm impressed. The layout is very slick. There are lots of new and nifty features; all while retaining the fundamentals of the familiar interface we had before. The site may have been down for a few days (and some features on the new site will take a few days to get used to), but in the long term that's nothing at all...the content migration looks to have been flawless, and we're all still here. Looking forward to the next ten years; rain or shine!
    1. Matthew's Avatar
      Matthew -


      good to be back!!

    1. LikeaBurningMan's Avatar
      LikeaBurningMan -
      I can't describe how much this site/experience has meant to me.
      I've experienced my greatest ups and downs whilst learning how to better express myself through a forum dedicated to a band I saw terrific potential in.
      And I met friends.


      It's awesome/random/weird.
      It doesn't matter.

      I really did listen to third eye blind for the first time in 2 months today.

      I cranked it.
      I listened to Sharp Knife, Water Landing, and Another Life.

      And they rang in my afternoon.
      Hadn't done it in a while.
      I missed all you guys...
      And that's what I associate it all with now.
      And that's cool and weird and oddball, etc.

      Thanks for maintaining the site, Adam.
      Although we've never communicated directly, I love this community and the place in my life it's come to be - I see that as a direct product of you and the 'hardcores' who have great hearts like only the few you meet in a lifetime.

      Maybe it is the hippie in me, but if I know anything - it's that there's always many sides to every event.
      I hope everyone can rock the moment like they're really meant to.
      It's what we all want if we end up at this place....
      That much I'm fairly sure of.

      tl;dr - I love you d00ds and d00dettes. This place has helped me grow, learn how to communicate, given me great insight and heart, and been a source of comfort and kickassness. Everything is ok. And I hope tvcy continues to be the most insane thing on the fucking internet.
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -

      Just need Matty to put his awesome design to it then i think we're there

      TVCY is win. Ill always be glad to be a part of it.

      ...and i missed banning people
    1. ordinaryday6's Avatar
      ordinaryday6 -
      wow i missed this place/you guys. good to be back.

      edit: maybe i missed it, but i don't see the "new posts" button. can we have that back soon? lol.

      and in each thread, how do you see which posts are new and which aren't?

      thanks guys!
    1. Adam's Avatar
      Adam -
      Big tab at the top of the page that says "What's New?" for new posts. The other I'll explain when Im at my computer.

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    1. tattoofthesun's Avatar
      tattoofthesun -
      I missed TVCY a lot, thanks for keeping it alive!
    1. Adam's Avatar
      Adam -
      Quote Originally Posted by ordinaryday6 View Post
      and in each thread, how do you see which posts are new and which aren't?
      Maybe I won't be able to explain so well, hehe. It's controlled by some css code, it seems but my guess is that the codes for new and old are identical so it's impossible to tell. When I'm home tonight I'll try to have a look and see if we can work out something better.
    1. ^d00d^'s Avatar
      ^d00d^ -
      Welcome back TVCY!!!!

    1. bluewintermoon's Avatar
      bluewintermoon -
      Beautifully written, Adam. I'm glad you decided to keep us around.
    1. sinistersomething's Avatar
      sinistersomething -
      Well said Adam. It is great to have this place back, I guess you don't realize how much you miss something until it is gone.
    1. 3ebnut's Avatar
      3ebnut -
      Awesome job Adam. Thanks for all you do.
    1. TonysPRS's Avatar
      TonysPRS -
      I was going insane without you guys! We're all so wacky and witty, this place truely is like a family or some type of Utopia. It just seems so right to be here. to everyone associated with these boards and more to Adam and the other mods for being even more dedicated to this place and how it runs.
    1. GorgeousButterfly's Avatar
      GorgeousButterfly -
      Welcome back and many thanx to Adam for making the decision to keep the community alive.
    1. KateByDesign's Avatar
      KateByDesign -
      Chat is back!
    1. TonysPRS's Avatar
      TonysPRS -
      Quote Originally Posted by KateByDesign View Post
      Chat is back!
      I know!!!!!! I'm so ready for some good late night chats again.
    1. allison's Avatar
      allison -
      Yesss. I loved the chat feature!