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  1. Come one come all


    Old Friends-Family-and warriors of the Muze-ic, I want to check in and enlist those of you who would like to help me get some of my old Majik Alex demo's out-that provides a place that friends can go, to check out the wealth of my unreleased music, old videos, writings, content, and new blogs as I continue battling the good fight in federal court . If you feel as though you could help in any way- Lets do what we do best-I strongly believe one of the reasons 3eb has been ...
  2. mapping constellations...

    The clouds are absolutely mesmerizing in my little corner of the world tonight.

    I walked outside with my pup a little after ten p.m. and noticed all the streetlights were out. I looked up and everything looked a bit more magical in the darkness. The clouds were lit from below by the distant light pollution, and there was a slightly warm wind pushing them around right above the treeline - it was like they were on their own silent superhighway.

    Most people lay out on ...
  3. rest l e s s .....

    sitting here in my nice warm house listening to the frigid wind battering the storm windows, and all I can think about is getting in my car and driving somewhere totally random.

    Why do I have to work tomorrow, again?

    Goddamnit I hate this time of year.

    I need a cure for restlessness.
  4. Two Thousand Silent Rocketships [The 2011 Village Churchyard Compilation]

    Quote Originally Posted by Mac View Post

    Two Thousand Silent Rocketships [ TVCY 2011 Compilation ]

    Twenty Two (the most ever!) tracks from the people of this forum.

    Thank you to everyone who made and submitted a song.

    Ipod compatable with artwork already installed

    Happy Christmas!
  5. ***** A Message From " Tony Fredianelli " 6-11-2011 *****

    A Message From " Tony Fredianelli "

    People-after the self combusted explosion of yet another attempt to put together a monetizeable web based and forward moving new record with Arion- which as far as Arion and I go is on-despite the reasonable doubt over here that maybe it wont happen-I can assure everyone it's legit, the key problem is the continuing legal nitemare. People need to remember the "divorce" process when you are dealing with ...

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