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  1. *Message From Tony Fredianelli!!!!*

    [QUOTE=3ebrich;414145]Friends and churchyard family-

    "People always remember- while its true alot of unnecessary suffering has been levied upon my family-and at times my heart breaks for the manner in which fans of the music have been shortchanged for choices the band has made over the years and the times it layed to waste. I personally do not forget how this site poured its heart and soul into plans that turned into music think tanks.

    I was telling Brian that ...
  2. Live from SXSW

    I managed to get hold of a soundboard recording of Third Eye Blinds SXSW warmup show that they played the day before the unveiling of Ursa Major show.

    One of the best quality soundboards weve heard for a while too.

    Link is in the SXSW thread here:

    Check it out, hope you enjoy.

  3. Cool.

    Blogs? Different.

    Anyway, I love this website and I just had to post a blog. This is a shout out.
    Hey there, Adam.
  4. We have blogs now?!?

  5. The Real Ursa Major

    Anyone remember this from 08?

    Makes me sad to look back at all the excitement for the record we had, yet, in the end... how much of a let down it was
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