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01-18-2004, 11:28 PM
I posted this review when i got back, but somehow it got deleted. anyways here it is again just for reference sake...

4-19-03 Third Eye Blind

somy friend kyle picked me up at about 1:30ish and me and simeon and him drove down to Charleston. We had a great time on the way down talking about everything just like old times. Girls, music, life, the world affairs, girls, music, stuff like that. We got down to "the plex" at like 5:30ish? Jon and Greg (g)? got there about the same time, and we were hungry so we ate some burger king. I guess we got over there and waited in line for about an hour or something, and actually got in at about 7:30ish or something. But anyways, there was only a few people there. I was right in front of the center mic (stephan's mic) and the only person in front of me was a really short girl. Right next to the mic on the floor was the setlist. I tried not to look, but i couldnt help ithttp://www.xanga.com/Images/smiley1.gif We waited around for like 2hrs, and then about 9:30 i guess it started. They came out and started out with Blinded, which was awesome of course. Then they played Anything...and when they were done with that, Tony whipped his guitar off, and threw another one on, and they went right into Wounded...by this time, my voice was starting to go cause, well, i was screaming and singing at the top of my lungs as you can expect. All these songs were totally perfect by the way, they sounded so dang amazing. ( certain uninformed morons have been known to say things like "3eb sucks live"...and stuff like this. they could not be more wrong ) for the life of me, i cant remember what they played after wounded....i know i know, i'm a moron. But anyways, i'll try to remember all they played. Probably theh same as the other shows. Narcolepsy, Losing A Whole Year, Jumper, Never Let You Go, Motorcycle Drive By, Hows It Gonna Be, God Of Wine, Crystal Baller, Faster, Forget Myself, Danger, Hit and Run, Cant Get Away From You, Good Man, and Wake For Young Souls, not in that order of course.

Right before they played Jumper, Stephan played a little Slow Motion tease...but didnt play it. too bad. all the new songs were really good. Crystal Baller is really growing on me, and Good Man was sweet. The first encore was Good Man, Motorcycle Drive By, and Hows It Gonna Be. I knew these were gonna be played cause i cheated and looked. But they were so good. I mean, now i've seen my favorite song (MDB) of all time live. It doesnt get much better than thathttp://www.xanga.com/Images/smiley1.gif Then they left again, but came back out after we screamed for a while. Stephan was like, "We're gonna play an old song we havnt played in a while, its called "God Of Wine"...Kyle had told us that they played this at the Athens show, but i had forgotten. Anyways, its one of his fav songs, and mine too. So we went nuts. My already raped voice just got loved more. Amazing though.

So during the concert, Tony leaned over the crowd, and i reached out and strummed the strings of his guitar for a second, and Stephan threw a pick out, and i got that...then after the concert, i shook stephan's hand on stage...

So we decided that since it was almost 12, and we had a good 5 hr drive left, we should leave. Kyle was driving back to charlotte or something, so me and Sim drove with Jon and Greg. We had only driven like a minute when kyle called and told us to come back, cause we could meet the band. So, we turned around, and drove up to where he was waiting next to their tour busses. He was like, i just talked to Tony and Arion....so we waited for like 45 minutes, and then sure enough, Stephan came walking around the corner of the busses. I was like..."Hi......awesome concert....will you sign my shirt?" then everyone else said stuff to him and whatnot. Then of course, like the idiot that i am, i was like, "Hey Stephan, you know what you should do? You should record "Scattered" in the studio and put it on a B-side or something..." and then i dont remember what he said, but i couldnt believe i had said that. I mean, I told a famous person what to do! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!? ok, and i've heard stuff before like, "oh, stephan jenkins is such a dick, he's so selfish and is really puffed up and stuff...and rude or whatever"...yeah, i definitely told him what to do, and he didnt even hit me or yell at me. he totally could have. But anyways, i asked him what his favorite song from the new album was and he said Palm Reader. so yeah, we chatted for a while with him, i asked him about the slow motion thing, and he was like, "yeah, we might start playing it again, people have been asking us to"...and then he said "we might start playing some older stuff that we havnt played in a while like Tatoo of the Sun". Then all of us were like OHHH WE LOVE THAT SONG! but we talked about how they might do a fall tour and who they should tour with and stuff. Stephan seemed pretty impressed that i had come from Ohio to see them. I was like, yeah, i drove almost 15 hrs for this and he was like, "Fuckin A dude!"

Then, Brad walked up, and Stephan went inside the bus. Brad signed my shirt, and we were like, awesome concert man. Some woman was like, "are you Brad Hargreaves"? and he was kind of offended and was like "last time i checked...." but he was really cool and stuff. He went to get a beer or something, and we stuck around for a while. Someone had asked Stephan if Vaness (carleton) was here and he was like, "Oh yeah, she came down to visit me"...he talked about how he was gonna produce her next album too. So anyways, we could see them inside the bus, and then Vanessa came bursting out of the door, and Stephan came right after chasing here. He said "why do you got to always be such a bitch?" and she was like "I'm not a bitch!"...and then she saw us and was like, "Oh Hey"...so yeah, we saw 2 famous people fightinghttp://www.xanga.com/Images/smiley1.gif it was really cool. And after that we left i think

09-14-2006, 01:25 AM
What an awesome evening. This was my 2nd time seeing 3eb. They were a few weeks from releasing OOTV and they rocked so hard.

09-14-2006, 01:37 AM
So anyways, we could see them inside the bus, and then Vanessa came bursting out of the door, and Stephan came right after chasing here. He said "why do you got to always be such a bitch?" and she was like "I'm not a bitch!"...:wet: that is hilarious.

09-14-2006, 06:53 PM
vanessa is such a sweetheart, for real.

09-14-2006, 09:51 PM
a very talented sweetheart. :yes: