View Full Version : 6/4 - Norfolk, VA (The Norva)

06-14-2003, 04:30 PM
Hey all,

Let me start with the set list. This was Arion's list given to me by Bobby after they left the stage since he remembered me from the 5 other shows on the east coast.

Blinded (When I See You)
Crystal Baller
Palm Reader
Wake For Young (Souls)
Losing (A Whole Year)
Can't Get Away
Motorcycle (Drive By)
I Want You
Never Let You Go
Forget Myself

Good Man
Semi-Charmed Life

Okay just to leave another note, the show rocked! I drove 4 hours from Baltimore to see them in Norfolk that day. Show ended at 11 pm on the dot, and it took the crew 2 hours to load the semi and they were off to South Carolina. Of course I waited for the guys after the show for 2 hours. They finally came out after 90 minutes and in order of their departure from the club were Brad, Tony, & Stephan. Arion did not come out and I was kind of bummed about that. I was able to get pictures with all 3, including autographs. They were super nice as usual, and of course they remembered me from all the other shows. I was even graced with a stare contest with Stephan during "Graduate". Remember folks, do not break the stare when Stephan looks your way. It felt as if he was looking straight into your soul. Another tidbit, the crew work so hard without recognition. Here it is, they were nice and work hard for their money. That was the last show for me since they are no longer on this coast, maybe more to come in the Fall.

Thanks & Rock On,
Lisa :angel: